Middle School Athletes

Middle School Athlete Club Info

Membership and Fees

In order to compete for the Rising Phoenix Track Club, all middle school-aged athletes (11-14) will need to be registered as members with the Rising Phoenix Track Club AND with USA Track & Field.

One year Memberships for the Rising Phoenix Track Club are $50.
One year Junior Memberships for USA Track & Field are $20.
Month-to-month coaching/practice services are $100 per month.

Fees for membership in the RPTC help the club to cover the costs of entry fees for meets for every athlete that will compete throughout the summer. For any track meets that will span over the course of two or more days, hotel costs will need to be covered by the athlete or their parents. Athletes can choose to room together and split the costs of hotel rooms, when needed. There will be a few meets throughout the summer that may require to stay one or more nights near the meet venue, especially if athletes qualify for the bigger USATF Junior Olympic Championship meets. There will also be plenty of meets that will just be down and back trips.

We will also hold various fundraisers throughout the summer and athletes who spend time helping with those will be able to earn certain amounts of the money raised to go towards theirs/their parents’ travel costs.

Middle School and Younger Athlete Travel Policy

Due to this track and field club still being in its infancy and being such a new program, we are currently unable to supply means of travel for the majority of our athletes. This means that any middle school-aged or younger athletes (14 years old and younger) that are wanting to compete in the club-organized track meets will have to plan to travel with their parents to and from the track meets. This will include overnight trips where a meet may take place over the course of two or more days. Travel plans can be coordinated between parents if several children want to go with one parent of their friends, etc., but unfortunately for this season, the club itself will not be able to support the travel and overnight chaperoning of 14 and under athletes. We are hoping to eventually be able to upgrade this policy as the club begins to grow in the future. However, once the athletes arrive to the track meet facility, they will be fully supported by all RPTC coaches and will receive all of the information they need for that meet that day from the coach in charge at that meet.

Practices will be held at the track facility at Pendleton High School for the summer of 2019. Summer practices will begin on Monday, June 3rd. Practices in the first week will be held, Monday to Thursday, after school from 3:30 PM to approximately 6:00 PM while school is still in session until June 6th. After school has ended, on June 7th, practice times will shift to running from 9:00 AM to approximately 12:00 PM on Mondays through Fridays. 


The final formatting of how practices will be organized is still in development, but right now will run as follows:

Mondays – will be track event focused.
Tuesdays – will be field event focused.
Wednesdays – will be track event focused.
Thursdays – will be field event focused.
Fridays – will be track event focused.

The schedule for throwing events is still being worked out at this point in time, but will be updated as soon as we have it finalized.

Coach Bradley will have season long workout plans written for each event group. Athletes are not required to be at practices five days a week, in fact, this is a club that YOU are paying for, so you are not required for anything.

Regardless of how athletes arrive to meets, all club members will meet up with the coach in charge when they get to the meet venue. The coach will hand out any bib numbers, schedules, or heat sheets that they have been given and will go over the meet schedule and give direction on when athletes should begin warm ups, check in for events, and be ready to compete.

All Club Information and Announcements

For any and all information needed about the club, visit www.risingphoenixtc.com

Find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram by searching for Rising Phoenix Track Club or @RisingPhoenixTC

Contact Founder/Head Coach Ben Bradley at: