“Rise and rise, again and again, like the Phoenix from the ashes, until lambs become lions.”                          

Rise, and soar with us. We would love for you to join our team! The Rising Phoenix Track Club is always looking for more enthusiastic members to expand and grow with us. We want to spread our love for track & field, and fitness in general, far and wide and we need your help to do that! As a member of the RPTC you will be part of a larger community of runners, jumpers, and throwers, who all have one thing in common, our passion for T&F. We want to invite you to help us give back to the communities of Oregon, promote our sport, spread the word of good health, and raise awareness to live healthy lifestyles and engage in physical activity everyday! Whether you have been, never were, curious about, or want to be a track & field athlete/enthusiast/fan, we want you to join our team! We welcome all levels of athletic and physical ability and all ages! If you are looking for a fun, friendly, and fantastic team or club to join, you are certainly in the right place! Another plus, we are very inexpensive for being a season-long club sport…

What are the benefits of competing for a club team? 

  • USA Track & Field Membership
  • Entry to scheduled practices/workouts that are catered toward your chosen events.
  • A TEAM TO COMPETE WITH! No more running unattached!!
  • College coaches often recruit HEAVILY from club track and field teams. Seeing an athlete extend their season and compete through the summer to continue their development is a major plus in the eyes of collegiate coaches.
  • Get to compete against top-of-the-class athletes that may not normally be seen throughout the regular school competition season.
  • Discounts for private, one-on-one or small group, coaching sessions. Inquire for details.
  • The satisfaction of knowing your membership fee will go to a good organization that will give back to schools, charities, fitness and wellness programs, and track teams around the great state of Oregon.
  • Membership into one of the finest, friendliest, most community-based track clubs in the Pacific Northwest.
  • Comprehensive listings of track & field meets of all levels (elite, college, high school, club, all-comer’s, invitational, middle school, and youth) throughout the state of Oregon, and other parts of the Northwest. Great for all who want to participate or spectate.
  • Comprehensive listings of cross country and road races of all levels throughout the state of Oregon, and other parts of the Northwest. Again, great for all who want to participate or spectate.
  • Invites to team/community runs.
  • A sense of community, fellowship, and friendliness that can only come from being part of a track & field team.
  • Ideas and advice on where to pick up some of the best gear for your money.
  • Free admission to RPTC-hosted events such as track meets, fundraisers, meetings, dinners, etc.
  • Discounts and/or free admission to certain training clinics.
  • And of course, RPTC SWAG!!!! (Everyone loves t-shirts and spike bags right??)

Quite the list right? Then what are you waiting for? We can’t wait to be on YOUR team!

Link to membership pricing and online registration:
2020 RPTC Membership Registration

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