Club Records


All-time club records will be frequently updated throughout each competitive season. Most meets in which club members will compete will have automatic results posted through various websites such as or Direct Athletics. Club-organized competitions in which multiple athletes and coaches attend are the easiest way to get records and results posted on our Club Records pages. As the club continues to grow and more members begin to join and compete as RPTC members, we will only post the top ten results under our Club Records pages for each age group and for All-Time.

We do accept mark in meets that were not club-organized to compete in, but where athletes did compete as RPTC members on their own. In order to get these results tracked and entered into our record, the athlete must send a link to their result from the meet, or (if mark occurs in meet where results are not tracked online) have video evidence of their mark that was set or a club coach to vouch for the mark that was set.


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