All Comers’ FIELD Meet Final Instructions

Good evening everybody!

Well, we have three days until our first Pendleton All Comers’ FIELD Meet!


Just wanted to send out some final instructions on how to register, where to set up tents/spectator areas on the track, where to enter the facility, how we will run events, etc.

Reminder, this meet is the FIELD events only. We will only be doing jumping/throwing events at this meet. The meet is on Saturday, June 15th.
Registration will open at 8 AM and the events will begin at 9 AM. Schedule of events here: FIELD MEET #1 SCHEDULE.

The meet is being held at the PENDLETON HIGH SCHOOL track & field facility. 1800 NW Carden Ave. Pendleton, OR 97801 is the address of our high school. If you enter by up the hill by the main readerboard sign for PHS, you will then take the next right and you will see the student parking lot on the left. The track is located at the top of that parking lot.

Registration will take place at the Southwest Gate Entrance to the track facility. We will have a few tables and two tents set up where you can pay, fill out entry forms, and event stickers.

Any athletes under the age of 18 are REQUIRED to have a parent/guardian’s signature on their entry/waiver form. Registration forms can be printed off from here: FIELD MEET #1 REGISTRATION FORM.

We will be using the STICKER METHOD for event entry and result collection. This means athletes will take mailing labels (available at registration tables) where they will fill out their NAME, AGE, GENDER, EVENT, TEAM NAME OR UNATTACHED on a mailing label for each event they will be competing in. Here is what the mailing labels will look like: ALL COMERS’ MEET ENTRY/RESULT STICKERS.


SHOT PUT & DISCUS: The shot put and discus will be thrown in the field up behind the scoreboard to the west of the track.

JAVELIN: We will have two javelin areas down on the infield of the track. One javelin area will be for 14 YEAR OLD AND OLDER athletes and the other will be for 13 YEAR OLD AND YOUNGER athletes. The 14+ javelin pit will be in the east endzone of the football field (athletes will throw from the pole vault area into the infield. There will be a VERY wide area flagged off around the 14+ javelin competition area where ONLY VOLUNTEERS AND COMPETITORS will be allowed, please help us make sure this is followed STRICTLY. The 13 and under javelin pit will be located around the southwest corner of the infield (athletes will throw from the south straightaway of the track into the infield).

LONG JUMP/TRIPLE JUMP: The long jump runways and pits are located in the west endzone. Girls will be jumping in the east pit. Boys in the west pit. Athletes ages 12 and under can jump from the edge of the sand pits. Athletes ages 13 and up will jump from the standard takeoff boards.

HIGH JUMP: The high jump is going to be held from and center down just past the finish line in the northwest corner of the track.


SHOT PUT: All ages
JAVELIN: All ages
LONG JUMP: All ages
HIGH JUMP: All ages
DISCUS: Middle School Age athletes and up
TRIPLE JUMP: Middle School Age athletes and up

I have attached a document with the weights of implements each age group will use. You can bring your own implements, but we will have implements provided at the meet as well.

SPECTATORS: We are asking all spectators to set up tents, chairs, blankets, etc., on the grass hill area and cinder block levels next to the track tower. PLEASE STAY OFF THE INFIELD. Spectators may stand along the track to get a better view of the events going on in the infield, but pelase no chairs or tents on the track. All spectators and athletes that are not competing NEED TO STAY OUT OF FLAGGED OFF AREAS. Athletes that are warming up for an event, coaches, and volunteers should be the ONLY ones on the infield of the track.

Results for this meet will be posted on and on to the best of my ability. The results may take a few days after the meet to be posted. Athletes of both genders and all different age groups will compete against each other during the meet, do to the open pit nature of most events, but results will reflect age group and gender separation. This is why it is important to be sure to have all the required information on all of your event stickers.

These meets are just meant to be a fun and relaxed means for athletes of all ages to come out and have friendly competition. We are trying to be sure to get enough help to run all the events as smooth as possible, but there may be a few events that are short, so it would be great for athletes, coaches, and spectators to step in and help if needed. This is for fun and we just want everyone there to be there to enjoy the sport of track & field and everything that it has to offer.
Please remember that every person that is a STAFF member or OFFICIAL at this meet are VOLUNTEERS and are donating their time to make sure this meet happens. Let’s use a lot of Please’s and Thank You’s with these folks and make sure everything stays cordial throughout the meet. I do not anticipate any issues though as all of these folks volunteering are outstanding people!

There will be some events that will be short on volunteers, so we will be asking coaches, spectators, and athletes that are competing to help measure, rake, and spot when needed. We would greatly appreciate anybody that steps in to help in these spots!

Thank you all so much! We are looking forward to seeing you this Saturday!

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