2019 RPTC Membership is Open


special offer

Any athlete who registers for a Rising Phoenix Track Club Membership between today, Jan. 8, 2019, and Thursday, Jan. 31, 2019, will get $10 off their annual club membership fee! If you are thinking about competing for and training with the RPTC in 2019, now would be the time to register and take advantage of this NEW YEAR FLASH SALE!

REGISTER HERE: RPTC Member Registration


The 2019 membership application can be found and filled out here: 2019 MEMBERSHIP

The USA Track & Field membership application can be found and filled out here: USATF MEMBERSHIP


Story of the Phoenix

There is a bird that lays no eggs and has no young. It was here when the world began and is still living today, in a hidden, faraway desert spot. It is the phoenix, the bird of fire.

One day in the beginning times, the sun looked down and saw a large bird with shimmering feathers. They were red and gold–bright and dazzling like the sun itself. The sun called out, “Glorious Phoenix, you shall be my bird and live forever!”

Live forever! The Phoenix was overjoyed to hear these words. It lifted its head and sang, “Sun glorious sun, I shall sing my songs for you alone!”

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