The Phoenix Nest

To receive text message alerts about practice times, schedule changes, workouts, and general RPTC information, please follow the directions below:

Signing up to receive Rising Phoenix Track Club celly messages:
Start a new text message to send to the number 23559
Type this message: @RisingPhoenixTrack
Send the message.
You should receive a welcome message stating, “Welcome to the Rising Phoenix celly!
Now you can stay up-to-date on all club information with alerts straight to your phone!
To get removed from the celly alerts, send the following message to 23559:
@RisingPhoenixTrack please remove



Go with the XC group at 7:30 AM in the PHS parking lot. Workouts can be found at RUN PENDLETON

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We are currently out on an amazing training session in hopes to pump up our website and get it ready for race day! This may take us quite some time, but rest assured we will rise from the digital ashes better than ever before and the RPTC will be up and running at maximum capacity. Thanks for stopping by! Feel free to take a look around our Twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages. Be sure to follow or like us! If you’re looking for more of a track & field fix, take a look at our founder, Ben Bradley’s, personal website Track & Field Life.